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Last Saturday I had a chat with José Eduardo Terán (yayo pa’ the friends), responsibly for Club Developers' for Video games of UNITEC Atizapán. Although I speak with Yayo every day (he is a coworker) this time we wanted to make something more serious, to show a little the philosophy of [...]

For years we have looked for alternatives to represent content in 3D in Flash, from simulations (isometric) by means of coordinates up to generating the proper animations in Mayan or Movie theater 4D (or the software that they use). The problem is that, what we want is one 3D completely interactive and not a simple movieclip.
After Papervision 3D [...]

The industry of the video games is strange in these days; the vision of the development model has been darkened by the distribution model and now the times they adapt themselves in accordance with the interests (and fortitude) of the publishers. As consumers we are fucked, subordinated to “what it sells” and not to “what it entertains”.

The team of Experimental Gameplay Project signed an agreement with the shops Target for the distribution of his new line of clothes and games indie in bundles that consist of a canvas shoe and a game (of available eight) for alone $ 12 USD. This initiative was carried out some years ago in Carnegie Mellon's [...]

Not long ago that Microsoft made the announcement of Xbox Live Community official and under the sleeve a series of games was coming of between those that The Dishwasher was emphasizing: Dead Samurai. Very good proposals were the rest, nevertheless not attractive at all in the graphic part.
At the same time, in Japan Game Studio celebrated the XNA [...]

Although it has not just gone out, many of course know it from the version that has just been a lance thrust for Xbox Live Arcade, N is a game of platforms / puzzles developed in Flash that appeared almost 4 years ago. The last update dates of 2005 and it is provided with more than 200 puzzles, one [...]

Attack of the Killer Swarm is a game of kylegabler, developed in Flash in which your target is to attack the persons with your swarm, to raise them for the airs to see as they are spoiled on having fallen down. The points depend on the height and speed to which they fall down, hence to major height, major [...]

Meter. Siberia is a quite interesting sidescroller developed in Flash for Tommy Salomonsson. The target of the game is to sail along the underground system in Siberia without colliding with the elements, for this you will be able to control the height of your ship with the bar espaciadora. It is provided with 3 different trips, one for every difficulty (easy, average and difficult) [...]

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