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11 Sea 2008

Game Developer Magazine

In the número mÃrecent s of the Game Developer Magazine comes a listing with the 50 better developers from año past, cuÃliderea l (without surprises) Nintendo Kyoto, followed by Infinity Ward and Blizzard Entertainment. In the same número of 4 Duty and one series of very interesting artÃculos like The Art comes so awaited postmortem from Call of Designing Art in the Aural column Fix or Print is Dead in Arrested Development. The cost of edicià digital ³ n is of $3,95 and it is possible to be acquired in pÃgina official.

1. Nintendo Kyoto (Brain Age, Wii Play)
2. Infinity Ward (Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
3. Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade)
4. Electronic Arts Canada (FIFA Soccer 08, NBA Street: Homecourt)
5. Valve (Vestibule, Team Fortress 2)
6. Konami Japan Studio (Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer, Dances Dances Revolution Univer)
7. Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank Future)
8. Capcom Osaka Studio (Lost Planet: It carries far Condition, Monster Hunter Freedom)
9. Electronic Arts Shark (Madden NFL 08, NASCAR 08)
10. BioWare Edmonton (Mass Effect, Jade Empire: Special Edition)
11. Bungie Studios (I haul 3)
12. Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin⠀ ™ s You believe, Naruto: Rise Of To Ninja)
13. 2K Boston [& Australia] (BioShock)
14. Harmonix (Band Rock)
15. Bandai Namco Tokyo (Ace Combat 6: Fires Of Liberation, Beautiful Katamari)
16. Square Enix Tokyo (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Front Mission DS)
17. Game Freak (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
18. Epic Games (Unreal Tournament 3, Gears Of War PC)
19. The Hudson Soft (Mario Party 8, Mario Party DS)
20. Neversoft (Guitar Hero III, Tony Hawk⠀ ™ s Proving Ground)
21. EA Redwood Shores
22. Crytek
23. Nintendo EAD Tokyo
24. EA Los Angeles
25. Realtime Worlds
26. Bethesda Softworks
27. Naughty Dog
28. SCE Studios Santa Monica
29. EA Black Box
30. Turn 10 Studios
31. Traveller⠀ ™ s Such
32. Relic Entertainment
33. Beenox
34. Level 5
35. Tose
36. Codemasters
37. Maxis
38. Pawapuro Production
39. EA UK Studio
40. Firaxis
41. Amaze Entertainment
42. Massive Entertainment
43. Retro Studios
44. Sega of Japan
45. Sports Interactive
46. Tecmo
47. Extreme Digitalis
48. Crystal Dynamics
49. Obsidian Entertainment
50. Big Huge Games

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March 11th, 2008 AT 10:35 p.m.

Infinity Ward FTW!

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