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13 Sea 2008


Ubisoft me dià ³ the perfect pretext to acquire GRAW 2: Anuncià ³ officially versià ³ n Legacy Edition that incluirÃall the maps available that are in marketplace and that estarà available as of the month of April of this año.

The editions “Sea breams” or of “Game of año” are one prÃctica común in the games of PC for time and little by little begins enough to restore itself in consoles (CoD2 or Oblivion are good examples), in this ocasià ³ n touches the turn of GRAW 2, a game that at first not me enganchà ³, nevertheless is must have in librerÃa of whatever it likes of shooters the military. ³ owns sà lido cooperative way that makes us remember the frustrating thing that was to fail an objective in the old Ghost Recon 2 of Xbox.

The extra disc includes a total of 39 maps, new ways of game and new arms and harÃits right arrival después of the launching of Rainbow Six Fertile valleys 2.

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