First hours with Lost Odyssey

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17 Sea 2008

Lost Odyssey

The past week decid├â to risk to me to buy Lost Odyssey without reading any rese├â┬▒a (I only saw the n├â┬║meros) luckyly during the first 8 hours of game has not disappointed to me at all. The key is that it did not wait for m├âs than a JRPG can offer: a linear history, approach in cinemas, system of battle in turns and ÔÇťmuchÔÇŁ of FF.

A section that I enjoy in these games atencià ³ n to pequeños details, to the things of the life that one does not give importance them and that is not touched in an American RPG. Whereas in Mass Effect mà occurs hims importance to the part battle and you can pass one hour fitting the values of your armor, add-ons and style of game, in Lost Odyssey you spend one hour in seeing the funeral of a NPC, not only seeing but interacting. Another detail of this type (very criticized) is the part of the sueños, that are a species of stories with a basic música and grÃficos fixed which activate by means of trigger in history.

On the other hand, you are going away to feel familiarized with the surroundings since he is the same that has operated in the últimos 10 años: A main personage andrà ³ gino that has existential problems and does not speak; bufà ³ n that says stupidities all along and takes hold the head; another one but that serves as balance and tries to socialize with the main personage and a wave of allies to identify itself.

Lost Odyssey does not propose anything new, gr├âficamente it is to regulate; ┬│ n uses the Unreal Engine 3 with textures in resoluci├â average. di├â comes with subtitles in espa├â┬▒ol (of Espa├â┬▒a) andlogo luckyly est├ân in the original language since traducci├â ┬│ n to ingl├â┬ęs leaves much to be desired. The jugabilidad is id├â┬ęntica to a FF (there is no necessity to re-invent the wheel) with fights at random in turns, magic, add-ons to the arms and to cross cities to speak world yet.

Perhaps fan├âticos this type of games they look for a change in gameplay, a history much m├âs din├âmica and one supresi├â ┬│ n of clich├â┬ęs (so popular in this and other games). For my, who looked for a Final Fantasy for XB360 has fulfilled the expectation and I suppose that him invertir├â┬ę 25 or 30 hours m├âgame s.

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