Prey 2, confirmed

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18 Sea 2008


On a par of the sprouting of Group Radar, anuncià ³ that Prey 2 is developing by Human Head Studios, the equipment responsible for the first part. In agreement with the official announcement, the sequel is located in a time where the Earth no longer needs to Tommy, reason why overwhelmed by the death of his relatives, it escapes of her.

In one it interviews with IGN, Scott Miller (3D Realms) tambi├â┬ęn anunci├â ┬│ that ÔÇťthe war of vestibulesÔÇŁ continuar├âwhen announcing that, whereas they were pioneering of the concept ÔÇťvestibuleÔÇŁ in the old women we give of Prey, Valve llev├â ┬│ at a level much m├âhigh s reason why 3D Realms est├âinterested in returning the favor to him.

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