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Harmonix, the responsible equipment to develop Guitar Hero and Rockband, demandà ³ to Activision (of less for hours) by 14,5 million of dà ³ lares in regalÃas by Guitar Hero III, nevertheless despuès anuncià ³ that the adjustment llevaÃa I finish outside the courts.
The treatment of Harmonix and Activision contemplates two types of payments: [...]


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13 Sea 2008

Ubisoft me di√É ¬≥ the perfect pretext to acquire GRAW 2: Anunci√É ¬≥ officially versi√É ¬≥ n Legacy Edition that incluir√Éall the maps available that are in marketplace and that estar√É available as of the month of April of this a√ɬĪo.
The editions ‚ÄúSea breams‚ÄĚ or of ‚ÄúGame of a√ɬĪo‚ÄĚ are one pr√Éctica com√ɬļn in [...]

Recently that Microsoft made official the announcement of Xbox Live Community and under the sleeve venÃan a series of games among which it emphasized The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. The rest was very good proposals, nothing nevertheless attractive in the part grÃfica.
At the same time, in Japà ³ n celebrà ³ the XNA Game Studio [...]

The first unballastable content for Mass Effect already est√Éavailable in the Marketplace and it takes like t√Étulo Bring Down the Sky (or the sky est√Éfalling). This new package a√ɬĪade 90 minutes m√Égame s introduces and us to a new class, the Batarians which have kidnapped to one estaci√É space ¬≥ n in the system [...]

By ah√É it is rumored that Xbox 360 tendr√Éhis versi√É ¬≥ n of 60GB per May or June of this a√ɬĪo, reason why solucionar√Éthe annoying problem to erase we give or videos after being able to unload a game of the line Xbox Originals. If this takes shape ser√Éa a good pretext to acquire [...]

Despu√ɬ©s of the wave of complaints by bajonazo of framerate or ‚Äúfreezing‚ÄĚ in Bully Scholarship Edition, the head of Rockstar, Sam Houser, culp√É ¬≥ to old woman consoles of the bad operation. Asegur√É ¬≥ that in jam√És had this problem in their offices or Microsoft reason why I am ‚Äúhorrified‚ÄĚ when seeing such thing and said [...]

Konami anunci√É ¬≥ that is working with the developer espa√ɬĪol Mercury Steam (CB' s Jericho, Scrapland) in t√Étulo close by that ver√Éthe light between 2009 and 2010. The ‚Äúsecret project‚ÄĚ (PS3, XB360) ser√Épart of forward edge of games of the house MGS developer. The strategy of Konami is to have a major [...]

This is something that sabÃamos for a long time, estÃverified and it is not necessary to stress, nevertheless Robbie Bach, President of the Divisià ³ n of Entertainment in Microsoft, again made referring declarations to the superiority of the service of Xbox Live in comparacià ³ n with demÃs consoles.
It denotes it to Bach like ‚Äúthe difference‚ÄĚ between the 360 and [...]

He is com√ɬļn to see that the games of ¬≥ n completes generaci√É are sent in ‚Äúa normal‚ÄĚ edition and ‚Äúspecial‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúof colecci√É ¬≥ n‚ÄĚ. Although sometimes the difference is only in a DVD with extras or box met√Élica, edici√É special ¬≥ n of Grand Theft Car IV vol√É ¬≥ the horse armor and comes with a series from extras [...]

pÃgina of or has the list of profits of Rainbow Six Fertile valleys 2 between which we can see some finish each one of the seven different missions, profits to kill at the top to low terrorists while to rappel or with shots using silencer.
The one that mÃs calls atencià to me ³ n is [...]

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