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Josh Williams, CEO of Games Garage, asegurà ³ that recent adquisicià ³ n of compañÃa by company/signature IAC not afectarÃin but mÃnimo his intencià ³ n to continue supporting the independent developers of videojuegos.
Williams said that since fundà ³ compañÃa becomes eight años, misià ³ n of GarageGames always has been the same: [...]

Sony has confirmed finally the 3 rumors of the control with vibracià ³ n and DualShock serÃthe name that llevarÃfrom now on the successor of the SixAxis. This news anuncià ³ Kaz Hirai, CEO of SCE, during the previous press conference to the event.
Equally anuncià ³ a delay in its new network [...]

Optimized for Nvidia cards. ├éSer├âable to move to the Unreal Engine 3 of the throne? It seems dif├âcil, although t├â┬ęcnicamente it is far better.

As the capacities of the console fan of Star Wars first that pens├â┬ę when seeing fu├â┬ę in lightsaber. Soon Network Steel with the fights from katana, one of the games with but hype came and as well m├âs criticized and the hope not desvanc├âa.
And as the hope dies to the último [...]

Although there is no an official announcement and that surely har├âuntil Tokyo Game begins Show, the rumor that the SixAxis of the PS3 contar├âwith funci├â ┬│ n ÔÇťto vibrateÔÇŁ becomes a reality despu├â┬ęs that a developer of Sony asegur├â ┬│ that in completes version of the SDK, that [...]

Games garage pordrÃa to be sending in just a short time a new vestibule of Internet where ofrecerÃaccidental n games, after to reach an agreement to work with company/signature IAC of Barry Diller one of the founders of Fox Broadcasting in agreement with Wall Street Journal.
The idea is to offer tecnologÃa 3D integrated to the navigator [...]

Crytek anuncià ³ that the Ringling College of Art and Design of Florida has acquired of official way the license of CryENGINE 2 for the department of animacià ³ n by computer. With this, compañÃa German developer of Crysis has been seen in the necessity to update its scheme of licenses for the educative institutions.
The head of [...]

The previous week anunci├â ┬│ that Intel was about to acquire Havok, the prestigious responsible company middleware to develop m├â ┬│ dulos of f├âsica and animaci├â ┬│ n of personages which we found in videojuegos like Bioshock, Half Life 2, Oblivion or Motorstorm and that fu├â┬ę named in July last like the best proovedora company of tools in the Develop prizes [...]

This passes when you unite two screens of Tablet PC and have the sufficient knowledge in electrà ³ nica, asà like a taste by Nintendo DS. In the personnel me agradarÃa to play Meteos in Jumbotron DS in spite of being little prÃctica (one of so many advantages of portÃtil of Nintendo).
Excellent project.
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