Today I fulfill it firstly week of work in Betazeta as Niubie publisher. I want to be grateful to my friend Carlos Gutierrez (Wire) who invited me to collaborate for this place of video games where I will keep on writing with the same acidity and bitterness that they have characterized to my blog. The team is shaped by my friend Javier Flores, Italo and Eva (both of Chile) and a servant under the Wire command.

This new stage implies reorganizing calendar and distributing work therefore they will see a light change in || blog. There is new design, perhaps do some changes in the color palette but the truth is that I have liked so much the work of Design Disease that at the moment I do not want to move anything to him. At suppressed level also there will be movements, especially in the part of design of games that will have more weight on the others.

So my darlings reading four, Niubie adds his reader of feeds of a good time.

The opposite to the established thing, FIFA 09 will have his first "expansion" or DLC from next March 19 for PS3 and XB360. But there is no update of staff or of uniforms, it is a way of "new" game, and I it put between quotation marks because this form appeared in the UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 it does a pair of years, nevertheless the game sold to itself enough evil and had me to see that it was even finished off in many bazaars (100 or 150 weight)

To groso way FIFA 09 Ultimate Team is in the wave of collecting cards, as well as in the eighties that some èramos fans of filling the album of classic Panini of every world cup. But aqu ì the target is not to fill an album but to buy packs, to arm a team with "x" players and to administer it by means of cards extra. It is to complement FIFA with a table game.

Why does it attract attention of me? Jugabilidad and Balance. This type of games turns out to be great in the tables or boardrooms of the studies of development. To generate a prototype with letters is something very basic to prove the jugabilidad and to level it. There are companies that leave it aside since there are a part of a process iterativo, nevertheless the production times are shy increasingly and there is no space for this type of tests. I did not have opportunity to prove it in UEFA, nevertheless for approximately 800 points it would not displease me to do of this new add-on

Thanks to the crisis, the time of delivery and the sensation of being right in him to the planet I decided to do the change of all my sucripciones of magazine to digital format. Someone flatly got lost in the inter, others happened to be torrenteadas but the regarding ones Game Development stay intact.

The problem that many have with the magazines is that the information has democratized of such a way that the subscriptions spent to be something “old school” and they are supported for two things: articles and exclusive interviews. In the field of Game Dev simply I have not thought in blogs or other portals the grade of complexity of a Post Mortem (alone Gamasutra) or it interesting that there are the lines of The Alpenwolf.

So my darlings reading three (the more one), I have to recommend to them the following publications if it is that they begin in the world of Game Dev, if they are already or if only they want mamonear with his chiks speaking about scripts or bosses of Artificial intelligence.

Game Developer Magazine


I take three years signed, the magazine has almost 5 years of antigûedad and it is the piece of information more mature that I know. From Post Mortems up to his special editions of Game Career Guide that they throw every year, every page costs every cent that you pay for her. Columns as Aural Fixation, Pixel Pusher or Game Plan balance perfectly the content. The interesting of this magazine is that it is not a tutors' heap, on the contrary, it is a fistful of well executed articles of persons who should fill the vacancies of “Game Journalist“ that so much are existed prostituido through the fault of magazines for consumers I mediate (EGM, Play, GamePro, etc). If you read Gamasutra the language is almost identical.

Develop Magazine and MCV


A magazine focused on the English market of GameDev. All the sections, articles and publishing line are very specific for the region therefore hardly you will find news about throwings, conferences or job vacancies of America. This magazine is interesting for two things: it is free and it has a design column invaluable: The Alpenwolf.

Develop Magazine is of a wide format, he has few pages and it is every two months. It has a younger sister (or major, it depends on how you it see) called MCV. In contrast to Develop, MCV focuses in news of publishing, business and stage of sales. MCV takes a weekly regularity as what makes the waiting less long for Develop.


devmag.jpgDevMag is a South African magazine that I found while it was sailing along the blog of One-eyed Wolf (friendly ex-ozone). It is a free magazine focused on the programmer. It has few pages but his section Dev does that every discharge is worth while. From collisions up to development in Flash and critiques of independent games. It is 4 magazines the one that has minor investment, nevertheless it is not synonymous of mediocre articles, everything opposite.

Why PDF? It has his advantages. His availability is immediate; if you have a netbook there is no pretext not to read it in the bath; you can do searches of certain information with only two clics, they do not occupy space and they are easy to file. They do not substitute the role but to wait 3 weeks to see a copy damaged by Sepomex like which it is already not the option.

This 2009 The Warriors is 30 years of his premiere. He enjoys opposing opinions and in fact I know few ones who consider it to be a cult movie or have it in his library. I have it, enjoy the intro and one of the movies is done to me of better realized bands of this time.

It extracts to collation the real sense of belonging to a band. To be a part of something, to dress yourself in these colors and to work as a whole. In fact this hierarchical structuring for clothing or makeup was a quite touched topic and that died round there of ends of the eighties.

Curiously only it has had a game developed by Rockstar and that happened without sorrow or glory on having been distributed in full consoles transition. Nevertheless there are plans of realizing another title, being useful 30 years and that would leave for XBLA for MTV courteousness.

Judging by the first trailer, the arcade of The Warriors has loudly incluencia of the ancient beat-em ups sidescroller. I do not believe that there is a better way of presenting an exemption than with this jugabilidad. It would be interesting to see like facing 4vs4 in a gang warfare.

priceless the truck of Turnbull ACs

There is one earlier and one after Battlefield 1942. The game marked the lineaments to be continued for a multiplayer with vehicles and such a popularity reached that there came 3 aftermath (Vietnam, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142). The problem with the exemption is that the last throwing coincided with the disaster of the PC Gaming. The console versions were not capable of emulating the success of the first Battlefield and it happened to be an exemption to be exploited in new means (Battlefield Heroes).

The good news is that Battlefield 1943: Pacific has been announced. It returns to his origins, the Second War and comes with a distribution model for discharge for Windows, PSN and XB360 Marketplace. Will it be cheaper? I doubt it, it is EA (the explanation remains) nevertheless he calls me the attention enough and of course I will end up by buying it (as with BF 2142).

The advantage of the exemption is that it has created a strong bond with the community for what the games will fill again, only I hope that they should not disappoint at the time of there optimizes the client (I do not want to suffer eternal load times again).

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As if one was treating as the Top 10 of ESPN, only that these are the 10 best moves sent by users of EA Sports World, the page of community that takes the record of all the games of sports that the company throws.

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In 1999 the wave was the Y2k, the piracy of PSX, eXistenZ and the sleep that some day would equal the graphic power of the console to the Voodoo.

Crytek buys Free Radical

It is a sorrow to open the feeds reader and to meet notes of “closes X study” ó “project is cancelled Y“. Quite for a blessed crisis that has the dollar to $ 15 and that mother has come to divide not only in the industry of the entertainment but in many fields.

Fortunately there is good news, like that of Crytek that was done of Free Radical assuring 43 crucial positions of the study responsible for projects like TimeSplitters or Haze. Other studies have not run with this luck and it weighs me to know that many projects have been cancelled (or position in hold).

What will happen with this buy? CryEngine 3 for Haze 2 or the next TimeSplitters? It me sounds quite logically.

Gears of War

I have been supported to the margin of throwing more shit to him to the DRM because it is already an exhausted topic, it is something that Apple and many companies have understood: the DRM is not the solution to the problems of piracy. The most recent has to do with Gears of War for PC and has just happened to me approximately 20 minutes ago. On having wanted to prove a map that I am working, an error screen throws me saying that I cannot cover the game with “feasible modified”, that I must reinstall.

The first thing that I did was cagarme of laugh since GoW, as Unreal 3 and some other games that I acquire always with a view to modifying them are legal. Continued of cagarme of laugh, I reinstall (erasing cache), I begin again and everything is still equal. Following step, me cago of courage because I looked for this error in the forums of Epic and in my feeds thinking that the flaw takes root in that “the certificate DRM won yesterday“. You excuse my dear reader but …: what SUCKED PROSTITUTE IS THIS???.

Does Epic Games edge me then to modify feasible route GameCopyWorld? Do I have that torrentear the game to avoid this type of things? The true thing is that the people are furious in the forums and they have tried solutions as the clock stepped back in Windows, I wait for a fucked official answer and a patch to solve an infantile error that they should have considered at the time of putting this padlock to the game.

Madden 09: Redneck Shit Edition

Michael goes to the Wal-Mart to bring to him a copy of Madden 09 for his son (making use that the Super Bowl comes). On having come to his house, he prepares to open it and thinks that it is not the normal edition, but “Blank CD-R Redneck Shit Edition”.

WTF! It hears love but it is sealed with diurex: is that normal?” - Michael

I wonder what the achievements of this edition will be :P

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