A wood Macintosh

In: Diseño

28 May 2007


This wood Macintosh is one reproducci├â ┬â ├é ┬│ n on accommodation ladder in wood of cl├â ┬â ├ésica Macintosh of 128k. Fu├â ┬â ├é┬ę realized by the artist Lee Stoetzel for his instalaci├â ┬â ├é ┬│ n You plows in a Landscape realized throughout a month in Mixed Greens in New York. The cost is of $3000 USD and peculiarly he is the same that when sali├â ┬â ├é ┬│ its real counterpart in 1984. In the assembly tambi├â ┬â ├é┬ęn can see objects like chopper, one combi VW (estimated in $65,000 USD) and one Shell motorcycle.

[Via The Apple Core]

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