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4 Jun 2007

The first survey (via The Wired Blog) throws east result to me:

Which Heroes to character plows you?
Your Result: Sylar

You plows Sylar.
Nonreal You have abilities on your own, to however you have found out how to steal to other people' s powers. You murder them and take out their brains. Your lust for power and wanting to feel special have driven you to this level of insanity. You plows immensly powerful.

Niki Sanders
Issac Mendez
Peter Petrelli
Matt Parkman
Hiro Nakamura
Claire Bennet
Nathan Petrelli
Which Heroes to character plows you?
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Second (via i like toys)


You plows Sylar. You plows very aggressive. You like to pick fights and play mind games. You' sees got it coming.

Damn! , my favorite personage is Hiro Nakamura, but he does not dislike anything to in series think that podrà to me ƒ Âa to be an assassin.

Because all we have a Sylar inside.

à ‚ ÂAnd your quà ƒ © personage of Heroes you are?

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