TT looks for distributer for I BEQUEATH Batman.

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21 Sep 2007

I bequeath BatmanA report of MVC indicates that TT Games est├âin b├â┬║squeda of a distributer who acquires the rights to develop the game of I bequeath Batman, being useful the ├â┬ęxito that it has had with both games of I bequeath Star Wars.

Although compa├â┬▒├â┬Ča abstained to mention names of the possible partners, it rumors that those that est├ân in the list possible distributing ser├âan Warner, which is due├â┬▒a of the rights of Batman and that already has invested in the market of the videojuegos. the second is Eidos, distributer of I bequeath Star Wars II as├â like Lucas Arts.

Tom Stone, head of TT Games anuncà ³ that hope to close the treatment in November of this año, to have a rest that them servirÃto generate a plan of accià ³ n to at night enjoy the horseman in versioà ³ n block.

VÃa: DevelopMag

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