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23 Sep 2007

TreyarchFor some days Infinity was rumored that Ward not trabajarÃa in Call of Duty 5 because Activision, the distributers of the one of the game, wish that the tax exemption appears in Christmas of each año in the shelves of the stores. During the Activate Asia the 2007 one week ago, person in charge of Infinity Ward hablà ³ with GamePlayer and said that to the study tomà ³ 2 años to develop to Call of to him 4 Duty razà ³ n by which Treyarch became position of Call of Duty 3.

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The rumors podrÃan to confirm themselves by a series of uses shown in Gamasutra on the part of Treyarch, aquà I leave one them is for diseñador of levels.

Level Builder – Call of Duty

Treyarch (an Activision studio) is looking for talented and motivated Level Builders to join the team that developed Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 2: Big Network One, and Call of Duty: United Offensive! We have positions open for both Multiplayer and Single Player builders. We plows located in sunny Santa Monica, CA, close to the beach.

Treyarch is dedicated to making AAA quality, commercially successful games, with the best and brightest talent. If you plows ready to do the best work of your to career in an environment that supports, enables and rewards you, please read below to see how you dog become part of the Treyarch team:

Level Builder Tasks:

• Build realistic levels for an industry leading First-Person Shooter action war franchise using Radiant quickly and efficiently.
⠀ ¢ Detail & polish levels (including lighting) based on photo reference, concept art, and design documents.
⠀ ¢ Take direction from design leads to refines mechanics of the map.
• Research subject matter for history and look of the map.
⠀ ¢ Be able to meet deadlines and communicate clearly and effectively.
⠀ ¢ Work effectively ace part of to design team to formulate strategies and implement ideas.

But down in bolds we have:

Working experience with First-Person Shooter or Third-Person Shooter genres (console or PC). And if you⠀ ™ re to fan of World War 2 shooters, then even to better!

PodrÃa to be one expansià ³ n for Call of Duty 3, I hope that thus it is because a return to the Second War on the part of the tax exemption not serÃa but adapted

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September 23rd, 2007 AT 5:22 p.m.

Okay soon k. of diseñador of levels in Treyarch (eyebrows)

And as you say, we hope is one expansià ³ n or of plane that is not a return to WW II. no longer it is for anything.

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