Radical Free glides to pay hours extra

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1 Oct 2007

Haze LogoIn a surprise movement the developer of Haze (PS3), Radical Free, anuncià ³ that pagarÃto all their equipment of development by the hours extra that the project takes.

Steve Ellis, Co-founder of the study, anuncià ³ that planeà ³ from the beginning a bond extra when finalizing the game to be compensated the work extra, nevertheless thought that enough serÃa to in one go pay the hours extra, a measurement that deberÃan to take demÃs studies developer. FilosofÃa is simple: The projects involve an unpredictable amount of work in an established schedule, therefore at the end of the project the work party is in crÃticas conditions (emotional and of health).

ÔÇťThe gains estan ligatures to the effort that is dedicated to obtain themÔÇŁ I explain Ellis.

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