It files for October, 2007

A friend makes a pair of weeks I GAVE (Industrial Diseñador) invità me ³ to collaborate in the development of an armor of real Chief Masters to tamaño (at the moment in pre-production), taking advantage of the fever that vendrÃa with the launching of I haul 3.
This subject is not new since they come realizing armors with cartà ³ n or even [...]

In one it interviews realized by Gamasutra, Tomonobu Itakagi, to lÃder of the Team Ninja and developer of games like Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, anuncià ³ the reasons by which decidià ³ to work with the DS instead of the PSP:
ÔÇťraz├â ┬│ n is because the Portable Playstation this dise├â┬▒ado b├âsicamente under the premise of llevarte your console to [...]

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