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25 Feb 2008

Take Two versus EA

The announcement of which Electronic Arts comprarÃa to Take Two venÃa sounding for a long time and today to Take Two rechazà ³ the supply to consider it “nonsuitable”. For some analysts, the rejection of this supply not frenarÃto EA on its attempt to become of TT, nevertheless negociacià ³ n with Rockstar North (the cherry of the pie) serÃa different. If this takes shape, EA convertirÃa in the monopoly of the games of sports (it is even resistance on the part of 2K Sports).

In blog Multiplayer de MTV me encontré a list of the companies that has acquired EA from 1991:

* 1991: Distinctive Software (now EA Canada) acquired by $11 million (USD)

* 1992: Origin Systems (now disappeared)

* 1995: Bullfrog Productions (now disappeared)

* 1996: Manley & Associates (convirtià ³ in EA Seattle, now disappeared)

* 1997: Maxis (fused with EA Redwood Shores)

* 1998: Entertainment shark (now EA Shark)

* 1998: Westwood Studios (missing person); bought by $122,5 million (USD)

* 1999: Kesmai (now disappeared)

* 2000: DreamWorks Interactive (now EA Los Angeles)

* 2002: Black Box Games (now EA Black Box /EA Canada)

* 2003: Studio 33 (now EA North West)

* 2004: NuFx

* 2004: Criterion Software; it buys rumored in $79 million (USD)

* 2005: Hypnotix (now part of EA Shark)

* 2005: JAMDAT Mobile (now EA mobile); bought by $680 million (USD)

* 2006: Mythic Entertainment (now EA Mythic)

* 2006: Phenomic (now EA Phenomic)

* 2006: Digitalis Illusions EC; by approximately $24 million (argh! aquà perdià ³ Rallisport Challenge)

* 2006: Headgate Studios (now EA Salt Lake)

* 2008: BioWare Corp. /Pandemic Studios; bought by $620 million.

* 2008: ÂTake Two Interactive?

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February 26th, 2008 AT 1:15 p.m.

* 2008: Â||lab?



February 26th, 2008 AT 4:14 p.m.

it does not agree to them, we worked here under the motto of “when its donates” ;)

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