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26 Feb 2008


The series of games the Land is work of the surrealistic mind of TheAnemic. In each of them there is an element that it urges to you to arrive in the end and although many purists assure that they are not “games” since they do not tell on an objective in especÃfico (perhaps traditional) I good looking him much to this class of concepts.

In Land 5 you are a pixelado salesman of bibles who gains the life sleeping to his clients during five days. mecÃnica is simple: you move to your personage with the directional keys and strips the bibles to the Castlevania style with shoot with an arrow downwards. At the end of the level you sleep and delays to the following day. Cut is a curl in the style of The yet ups a right background they analyze as it in Play This Thing.

One took control of GameMaker and unloading aquÃ

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