Champions Online, the MMOG that needs to consoles

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26 Feb 2008

The MMOG in consoles are a true failure, for test there estÃFinal Fantasy XI in cuÃl the community of users is not nor the quarter than WoW for PC shows. Phantasy Star Univer not it ubicarÃa in this heading since it is a simple RPG that receives to you to use functions that in other games are gratuitous.

Taking advantage of recent cancelaci├â ┬│ n the MMORPG of Marvel, Cryptic (City of Heroes) qued├â ┬│ with the arms cruzados and did not become official the development of Champions Online for PC and XB360 reason why it seems to be the first decent MMOG that we will have for console. The ├â┬ęxito depends as well on the base of users and ├â┬ęsta, of the jugabilidad, content and the intuitive thing of the user interface (many games remain in the way to underestimate this section). If of follows the line of City Heroes I I score, it does already enough that nongame a decent RPG of superh├â┬ęroes.

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