It files for February, 2008

N+ is mÃrecent s adicià ³ n to catÃlogo of Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless the game already takes a good short while circulating of gratuitous way around the network (originally done in Flash). In order to celebrate the launching, the equipment developer optà ³ to arm to a celebration and aquà we have a video, in cuÃl is spoken of [...]

Ok ok, this t├â┬Čtulo is but like of forward but who cares? she is my blog and me pas├â ┬│ my cuate Wire under, compartir├â┬ę with you, my beloveds two readers.
1. At some time of my life I loved to be engineer, me vestÃa as so and until she programmed.
2. It annoys the smoke to me of the cigarette.
3. A patrol [...]


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15 Feb 2008

1. To know ingl├â┬ęs.
2. To be tenacious.
3. To know how to use Google
In that order of importance.

A fragment a little while does leÃa of a talk that dià ³ CliffyB in SAYS the last week, which I mention to continuacià ³ n:

ÔÇťFodder that people preferir├âa to make a game that sell 4,5 million copies instead of mill├â ┬│ n and ÔÇťGearsÔÇŁ are in 4,5 million in the 360 (Xbox). I believe that [...]

My beloveds 3 readers, I am not going to them to lie, is not pubitis than I suffer, is simply that I am dedicating a little mà to himtime s aficià ³ n to diseñar levels for games. A multiplayer map for Call makes some dÃas abrià ³ the call to diseñar themselves of Duty 4 on the part of [...]

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