The beta of Quake Live one skips Mac and Linux

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25 Feb 2009

Quake Live Mac

Last two weeks I have lived to myself through it in Mac working, on having come, the night it ends up giving me spawn to connect the PC to play, so I installed everything what I have on hybrid discs. With Call of Duty 4, Quake 3 and Spore I have had to relax at times and now when the beta of Quake Live was opened I did not hesitate to start to prove the service. Regrettably I will not be able to do it because the current version is a users' exclusive interview of Windows.

Carmack said that they are working to marches forced in the compatibility and that the versions of Linux and Mac are even above in his list of priorities. I do not doubt that they are ready soon, nevertheless my anxiety is stronger that I will end up connecting in a few minutes the PC and proving Quake Live. Of course the waiting-list does not put in the place 2876 to me as yesterday evening.

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Quake Live turns a nightmare - Niubie

February 26th, 2009 at 5:03 am

[...] of the problems it was the compatibility, in fact her the first surprise that I took on having proved it in my Mac was an error message. [...]

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