Goodbye to cheaters in Xbox Live

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25 Sea 2008

Cheat Xbox 360

If it annoys to you that one of your friendly goes presumi├â┬ęndote its 40.000 points of gamerscore, surely obtained thanks to some knows cases out of Internet is hour of regres├ârsela. Microsoft anunci├â ┬│ today that reiniciar├âthe accountants of points for those people who do not obtain them from legal way.

According to the Major Nelson, this behavior ser├âexposed by means of one pesta├â┬▒a in which he says ÔÇť├éQu├â┬ę him step gamescore? Desapareci├â ┬│ because I am a damn one to cheaterÔÇŁ that podr├âto see in the site of Xbox Live and the profile of the console. In case of wanting to raise his gamerscore again podr├âto make as long as it is playing, right since it does mayor├âa to him of users of this console.

VÃa: Major Nelson

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