It files for September, 2008

Electronic Arts decidi├â ┬│ to retire the supply of purchase of TakeTwo because it did not obtain what thought from the beginning: to most of remain with the pie of the gains of Grand Theft Car 4. With this the actions of TakeTwo underwent p├â┬ęrdida of $4.50USD (by acci├â ┬│ n) it leaves what them in [...]

A month ago I put Steam on approval and Direct2Drive when buying some games nevertheless both count on a detail that is not partly fault of the program but of conexià ³ n of each user: to hope to that it is finished unloading the game to be able to prove it. If we spoke that the average of [...]

I am fan of Call of Duty 4 thanks to the excellent use of scripts to handle to the events and the behavior of the IA during campaña of a player. And just now I find out to me, by means of this video of Treyarch, that the new game of Bond (that uses the motor of Call of Duty [...]

Recib├â does d├âas the mail of invitaci├â ┬│ n to the beta of Good Old Games, a system of distribuci├â ┬│ n electr├â ┬│ nica of games cl├âsicos for PC. Although cat├âlogo is not very extensive, me encontr├â┬ę with jewels of Interplay like Fallout 1 and 2, Giants Citizen: Kabuto or Messiah in the incredible amount [...]

During the past month I was put under estr├â┬ęs to generate a route in 3D where the new se├â┬▒al├â┬ętico system visualized that dise├â┬▒amos for the Tezozomoc Park in my class of Dise├â┬▒o de Se├â┬▒ales. The problem is that time fu├â┬ę using excessive respect itself and I saw myself in the necessity to do cheat and to generate it [...]

Crysis has been a good experiment for Crytek; not only it shows to be the motor gr├âfico m├âimpressive s to the date (at visual level and in f├âsica) but tambi├â┬ęn has t├âtulos like being one of the games m├âs torrenteados from its exit (400, 000) or of being one of m├âs demanding in cuesti├â ┬│ n of [...]

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