Analysis of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Xbox 360)

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24 Sea 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

I have counted up to 10 (even up to 100) and have not been able to undo of the anger and decepcià to me ³ n that I have by PES 2008 for XB360. A game is a lack of respect to the consumer on the part of Konami when giving that not estÃready, in case of being asà they deberÃan to hang of the noble parts to the equipment responsible for quality control. The game estÃplagued of problems, some of diseño, others of optimizacià ³ n and network.

Not cre├â that due to adopting t├âtulo of Pro Evolution Soccer, the American market tendr├âa that to adopt the same speed of game and the problems to play in line that it has his European counterpart. m├â has not existeds m├ânimo inter├â┬ęs on the part of Konami in giving to one versi├â ┬│ n m├âpolished s, destined to our p├â┬║blico or of except ÔÇťa parchadaÔÇŁ version.

an├âlisis complete despu├â┬ęs of the jump - >

The game is rÃI ask but at moments it gets to be hopeless if estÃcustomary s at the speed that venÃa handling in tÃtulos of generacià past ³ n. Clearing balà ³ n of clean way becomes a problem since you try if it to do by load it is a fact that patearÃs of except about 5 meters, something caà ³ tico if you do not wish to cause a penitentiary within the area by barrerte. Luckyly the system of tÃticas stays intact and counts on a IA of the doormen who estÃto años light of FIFA 08. Super cancel stays like combinacià ³ n of bellboys mÃs used in the party (as always) reason why podrÃs to have total control of all the encounter.

Gr├âficamente a literal one mentioned of mother is. It is incredible that a game of this generaci├â ┬│ n dares to show gr├âficas of Dreamcast, the $10 dollars less than costs does not justify this. Although Konami never has taken Las Palmas in this section, it is a pain that the tax exemption follows catched in the PS2 (best versi├â ┬│ n of all). p├â┬ęsima optimizaci├â ┬│ n assures bajonazo framerate at the beginning of each party and in the repetitions, yet and the poor man of the visual level.

The argument of fanboy is that Konami always is led the jugabilidad, gr├âficos they do not matter while one gambles ÔÇťrealisticÔÇŁ. The question is ├éC├â ┬│ mo demons you feel realist a game with one animaci├â ┬│ n of players like the one of PES 2008? And this commentary does not go to the air, if todav├âa ┬│ n counts on Winning Eleven 9 can do comparaci├â of the movements at the time of running, fintar or to move bal├â ┬│ n.

The user interface is another point against, from menús to the game options. The way edicià ³ n counts on opcià ³ n to digitize an image by means of webcam Xbox Live Vision, nevertheless only are 8 spaces to keep imÃgenes. That implies that podrÃs to have sà ³ the publicity of t-shirt of eight equipment. edicià ³ n of equipment comes equal from poor man, you only have 12 models of playera to choose and there is no possibility of creating a logo from zero. Pain is one that does not take advantage kindness a hard disk in this section, the options of edicià ³ n and storage of uniforms serÃan infinite.

In edici├â ┬│ n of players passes quite the opposite, you have enough options to return them similar to its real counterpart (at f├âsico level and in movements). In licenses we have Liga Espa├â┬▒ola, Series To, Dutch and French Liga, some equipment of the rest of Europe and Sudam├â┬ęrica as├â like kits of some selections. men├â┬║s not is fort of Konami in this tax exemption (I doubt that they are it alg├â┬║n day) and again we have the same mediocrity when representing the options.

The point that takes Las Palmas is the soundÔÇŽ ahhh ├équi├â┬ęn fu├â┬ę the person in charge of that selection of basic m├â┬║sica. So bad he is that querr├âs to lower all the sound to him, like the interface sounds that despu├â┬ęs to happen publishing average English league you finish hating them. If you have m├â┬║sica in your 360 I recommend to you to use it while you sail, you publish and you fit your strategies. In a matter of commentaries I save the mentioned ones again. If you thought that an├âlisis of play of Pelaez in FIFA 08 was m├âlow s that podr├âa to fallÔÇŽ hopes to listen to the commentaries in espa├â┬▒ol of this game, equally if you thought that Martin Tyler gave flojeraÔÇŽ plays PES 2008.

To speak of the game in line is to remember the anger that I passed a friend and when buying the game, lag arrives at rid├âculos levels, as much that each plays a party separately (with independent markers). This problem exists from October and is a detail that him cannot be pardoned to compa├â┬▒├âa despu├â┬ęs of 5 months. It release with the applied patch would have worked. With respect to the way League MastersÔÇŽ comentar├â┬ę m├âs advanced since I am jug├ândolo.

In conclusi├â ┬│ n PES 2008 has but bad points that good. Outside exceptional intro that remembers a trip to me ├âcido that I had in prepa while llov├âa is a mutilated game, badly glided and without finishing. The fact to eliminate the name ÔÇťWinning ElevenÔÇŁ by marketing research questions implies that it must accustom me to a speed system that never I have liked. It hurts for many, but inversi├â ┬│ n econ├â ┬│ mica note in all the aspects of his competitor, whom it has dominated to the market of present generaci├â ┬│ n of consoles.

If Konami does not leave atrÃs the ghost of the PS2 and takes advantage of the capacities new consoles quedarÃdisadvantaged prà ³ ximos años and the único that us quedarÃserÃthe memory you challenge of them that they were organized in house of the friendly.

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March 24th, 2008 AT 3:57 p.m.

Hahahaha, I give $150 you by the game. but your payments the shipment :P

This. because I do not omit commentaries on the game until proving it I myself, I cannot believe this gacho so so.

Or we will see if of plane I am fanboy or if now if I am in agreement with you.


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