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Before generating polémica if I declare my taste by the Lost, although nerds perhaps does not arrive at the levels to compare it with others saying “House is better because bla bla bla”, nevertheless to speak of videojuego….ahhh treatment to avoid it asà as I avoid to buy each videojuego that sends on a par of one pelÃcula.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best pretext to occur a PS3 and although the date of exit estÃin the air, Sony made official who lanzarÃa package that the console of 80GB includes and a Dual Shock 3 to a suggested price of $499.99. For pre-they order that it (in [...]

Comparative of a Wild announcement of Sony against its similar, realized in the CryEngine 2 that mostrà ³ during the week last in the GDC. ÂQué thinks? For my, the quality of the video that shows the motor of Crytek is not sufficiently good like emitting a verdict.
The same announcement in HD can [...]

If, they did as it in Soul Calibur III, to Namco him ocurrià ³ “shining” the idea that in Soul Calibur IV habrÃexclusive personages. I put and it in inverted commas not by the exclusive feature, but by the out of place thing that is Star Wars of the concept of Soul Calibur. I do not blame to [...]

I am useful to put this video that realizà ³ the people of Pixologic altogether with Ubisoft Montreal to show the job stream of the Canadian study in games as Rainbow Six Vegas and Assassin' s You believe. A month ago I put myself to work with Zbrush 3,1 and quedé very made an impression with the facility to generate models with [...]

For my, Greenpeace is lost credibility with the passage of the años, nevertheless have good ideas to handle his campañas. ÂQué thinks?

Not you, but the última time that pasé by this place I decide that và to me to dogs to eat the body of a soldier and had to give them with sniper.
The image corresponds to one campaña of the Red Cross of año happened commemorating the tragedy of Chernobyl in which [...] is requested

It can sound to supply chafa, but the certain thing is that Sony has made official the cut of the price of kits of development for the PS3 to sà ³ half of the initial cost. According to SCEI, the prices paid attention to $10,250 for Norteamérica, 950.000 Yen in Japà ³ n and ⠂ ¬7,500 for Europe. This cut responds [...]

Once mÃs Rockstar Games estÃin the eye of huracÃn because not incluyà ³ in the créditos of Manhunt 2 the work that made Rockstar Vienna before yielding the project.
Jurie Horneman, the previous producer, anuncià ³ that in the manual of game of Manhunt 2 omitted the names of little but of [...]

Based on a commentary that Daniel Schiappa made, Director of Entertainment and Devices of Microsoft, during the conference of Virtual podrÃamos Worlds the past week to only think that Microsoft is developing a massive virtual world for Xbox 360, similar to the Home of PS3 that with another perspective. Schiappa comentà ³: “For [...]

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