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1 Oct 2007

Tomonobu ItakagiIn one it interviews realized by Gamasutra, Tomonobu Itakagi, to lÃder of the Team Ninja and developer of games like Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, anuncià ³ the reasons by which decidià ³ to work with the DS instead of the PSP:

ÔÇťraz├â ┬│ n is because the Portable Playstation this dise├â┬▒ado b├âsicamente under the premise of llevarte your console to where it is. What fu├â┬ę made reduce the t├â┬ęcnicas homemade console specifications like the 360 or PS3. However with the DS a new form looks for to interact with the entrance system (they touchscreen).

As it commented previously, one of the key aspects of dise├â┬▒o of videojuegos is the interactivity between which the user executes and what he is in screen. It is why we thought about doing something quite original taking advantage of the strength this hardware. If it wanted to match for PSP, I make better them for PS2 because b├âsicamente ser├âa to do the same.ÔÇŁ

Itakagi San tambi├â┬ęn mencion├â ┬│ that the DS market est├âplagued of games of low budget, reason why with Sword Dragoon they hope to arrive at that anxious p├â┬║blico from games with greater substance and less ÔÇťtraining ÔÇť.

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