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Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda, anuncià ³ in podcast of the OXM that Fallout 3 estÃin the final phase of development and it remains very little to complete it. According to Howard, the game has the peculiarity to count on almost 200 end, with slight changes but it is a fact that the decisions that you take in [...]

Blue Dragoon terminà ³ not to hook to me in spite of it to have played in two occasions, adding a total of five hours. They say that best of the game estÃin the third disc but not yet I am of humor to spend that time to him. mÃrescatable s of this tÃtulo is without a doubt the música, builds of [...]

If it annoys to you that one of your friendly goes presumi├â┬ęndote its 40.000 points of gamerscore, surely obtained thanks to some knows cases out of Internet is hour of regres├ârsela. Microsoft anunci├â ┬│ today that reiniciar├âthe accountants of points for those people who do not obtain them from legal way.
According to the Major Nelson, this behavior serÃ[...]

The first Two Worlds de Xbox 360 prometÃa quite, nevertheless quedà ³ short and the comparisons with Oblivion left to shine. It is a fact that not triunfà ³ thanks to the problems grÃficos and of adaptacià ³ n (parecÃa diseñado exclusively for PC). Surprise SouthPeak Games anuncià ³ that is working in a sequel, baptized like Two [...]

I have counted up to 10 (even up to 100) and have not been able to undo of the anger and decepcià to me ³ n that I have by PES 2008 for XB360. A game is a lack of respect to the consumer on the part of Konami when giving that not estÃready, in case of being asà they deberÃan to hang of the noble parts to [...]

If the strum-bar is not yours and you wish something ÔÇťbut realisticÔÇŁ (but realistic ser├âa to touch a guitar ├éno) then you can darte this new kit that removes the bar and in its place it places a cord to activate notes with its respective frets. Kit consists of cord, plates of wood, screws, means and [...]

On a par of the sprouting of Group Radar, anuncià ³ that Prey 2 is developing by Human Head Studios, the equipment responsible for the first part. In agreement with the official announcement, the sequel is located in a time where the Earth no longer needs to Tommy, reason why overwhelmed by [...]

The past week decidà to risk to me to buy Lost Odyssey without reading any reseña (I only saw the números) luckyly during the first 8 hours of game has not disappointed to me at all. The key is that it did not wait for mÃs than a JRPG can offer: a linear history, approach in cinemas, system of battle [...]

pr├â ┬│ ximo mi├â┬ęrcoles 19 of March estar├âavailable the package # 3 for Forza Motorsport 2 which, by 400 pts, includes the following cars.
* 2007 Audi S5
* 2007 Audi TT S-Line
* 1971 BMW Motorsport 3,0 CSL
* 2008 BMW [...]

FaceBreaker is the new game of Box developed by EA Canada, the people in charge of Fight Night Round 3, who have decided on a style grÃfico very similar to that we saw in Team Fortress. EA estÃoperating this style right and left in games as the new Battlefield or Fifa Street 3 and is [...]

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