There is a series of reasons by which desire to buy Mirror' s Edge before Gears of War 2. It is very simple, when you see a game you know you want that it to play by some razà ³ n and leave to a side the average of Metacritic, reseñas of all the sites (the 0,1% of the editors look for just like your) or hype of other games.

- Because the concept of freedom, oppression and consumption based on Baudrillard hooks to me.
- Because direccià has one ³ n of impressive art. The handling of the color is of the best thing than I have seen in videojuego.
- Because it is a First Person Runner and not a First Person Shooter.


Yesterday platicaba with a partner of “prestigious” the Reality of videojuegos that, in opinià ³ n of my Wire friend, seems mÃs one versià ³ n chafa of “Dancing by a Sueño” that something serious. The peculiar thing of this is that this person assumes that estÃworking “to create” an industry of development of videojuegos in México but it does not have nor but it reputes idea of qué is needed (on desire it is not lived).

I only point a pair of things:

- If you are going “to create” a development industry first infà ³ rmate of qué type of people is needed to develop a game. She remembers that different professions (diseñadores, artists 2D, 3D, entertainers, programmers, producers, engineers of sound, testers, etc.) exist and each person has a series of responsibilities. ³ is “no todà logo” and if you go away by that way then already you were worth, not estÃs raising nothing serious.

- The work is not moderate by “estÃndares”. Videojuego is not a hamburger, nor one racià ³ n of Popes that puts to the freidora “n” amount of minutes. If you do not create pregúntale to me to a producing house whichever cinemà receives to you by “fiveticas estÃto ndar of average minute and”. I already imagine the face of the person with whom you quote (and what pensarÃn of you).

And like advice: You do not speak than you do not know trying you dominate that it.
If you do not know of diseño of games: Google uses
If you do not know that it is Disruption: Google uses
If you do not know to use Google… pon a hamburger position.


ÂAsà dictates the rule? In all sides they speak of which the Mexicans we are huevones, mañosos and that we only tried to see the way to joder. The peculiar thing is that the previous thing comes from the mouth of the same Mexican since jamÃs - of less in the 9 años that I take dealing with people about others paÃses- I have listened to commentaries of this type, but quite the opposite.

Equally it seems that the same Mexican is loving to boycott the work of his conationals. He is ahà where I ask ÂMéxico estÃpreparation to have an industry of development of videojuegos? the sad answer is no. and it is not because the support of the government does not exist, or so that the projects are led by people who only see the form to express and to obtain mÃs resources. razà ³ n by which industry does not exist is by the mentality of 2×2 of mayorÃa of countrymen.

“Ahhh if he is Mexican must be bad”

“You do not suck with 100 varos mÃbetter s and I occur a Fifa, although he is viejito” (speaking of Kicks Online)

“ÂTo quién it interests a RPG to him of the Aztecs” (speaking of Aztlan)

prà ³ xima time that uses a product Done in México tà ³ pulls the annoyance to first prove it before throwing poop to him.

Edit: I am fan of Danny Trejo, nomÃs to say that it is mexi-DOG

The Wired Blog

These últimos dÃas I have worked close by with my friend Carlos Gutierrez in the change of image to all the network of blogs that represents G33K ON. First in undergoing rediseño it is The Wired Blog and for that I have been based on the subject Braincast de Storelicius and InfectedFX.

We begin a new stage in this network of blogs, integrated by people of many flavors: geeks, gamers, addict to cafeÃna, comics, to the Dr Pepper, pelÃculas Eastern of low budget or to the soccer but that all counts on a magnÃfico gift: the quality in its work. This it is first of many changes that come.


If they remember, año past EA anuncià ³ development of Tiberium, a FPS located in the universe of Command and Conquer which serÃa developed by EA Los Angeles, the same study that has developed to games like Medal of Honor, LOTR BFME or mÃs recently C&C 3: Kane' s Wrath.

So it seems that to compañÃa him gustà ³ like venÃa not being developed, or quizÃtoo many versions of the tax exemption and decidià existÃan ³ to cancel this game being argued “not to have fulfilled estÃndares of quality of compañÃa”. Surely they did not want to risk to have another one catÃstrofe like fué C&C: Renegade and left the study focused completely in Network Alert 3.

Another one hipà ³ thesis is that the study podrÃa for being gliding to work in one of the projects that involve the director of 300, Zack Snyder.

Source: Gamasutra

DS logo

In agreement with a Japanese source of MCV, Nintendo estarÃa to show to its new DS dÃa of mañana. During the últimas weeks ³ n was being rumored about this new “actualizaciÔ that includes one cÃmara and functions multimedia as reproduccià ³ n of MP3 nevertheless little we know of the specifications of new portÃtil.

The forced question is Âin truth we needed another DS? I say, is clear to me that the DS podrÃa to fall in the heading of “everything-in-one” (like the cellular ones) that to end of accounts no funcià ³ n is operated to mÃximo. If they do not create to me they see specs of cÃmaras, I create better leaves to buy a Nikon D60 that a cellular one with half of megapixeles. The same happens with the part of audio ÂCuÃntos of you you use its PSP to listen to its música.

The new safe console estarÃavailable for Christmas y S.A. ±ade to grÃn repertoire of packages and special editions that exist in the market.


Mod Insurgency

In the últimos años the modifications of games like Half Life, Unreal Tournament or Battlefield have taken such force that some studies - as Splash Damage- has taken the definitive step to enter the development market. CompañÃas since Epic has seen the potential of this community and offers for a long time videotutoriales to dominate his tecnologÃa, others as You go take to años realizing the QuakeCon that, among other things, has served so that several equipment amateurs does networking with compañÃa.

Half Life is a case aside; Counter Strike is probably modificacià ³ n mÃpopular s of the últimos años and counts on one of the communities mÃs sà ³ lidas of means. Lamentably their modifications are counted with the same promotion “no fancy” that has the competition. A contest similar to “Make Something Unreal” does not exist or at least documentacià decent ³ n to be made a pro of the Source Engine.

It is why Valve decidià ³ that as of today its platform of distribucià ³ n Steam comenzarÃintegracià ³ n of modifications of Half Life 2. Éstas utilizarÃn the tools of Steamworks that allows to take a registry of the estadÃsticas and integrate like any game acquired from the store electrà ³ nica. The modifications aparecerÃn in the window of “My Games” and podrÃn to update of way automÃtica like any other tÃtulo.

The first five mods that estarÃn available of Chivalry, D.I.P.R.I.P., Insurgency, Synergy, and Zombie Panic are Age; in the future it is planned to integrate mÃs projects. Valve said that “it is a recognition to the arduous work that has done and hopes to see mÃs equipment of development involved in the future.” In order to be able to play anyone of these modifications it is necessary to count on a copy legÃtima of Half Life 2, in case of not having it can directly acquire it in Steam by $19.99.

VÃa Gamasutra

If the world were white, gustarÃa to live it to me like in The Unfinished Swan. This game in first person, developed by Ian Dallas, has been chosen as finalist of the Sense Of Wonder Night and raises the existence in a completely white world where we must use painting spots to move to us and to interact with the objects.

The proposal is excelsa and right the type of games that gustarÃa to see me in markets like the PSN, XBLA or WiiWare. The único that weighs to me sometimes is that this type of games implies that reinitiates in way Windows… is no capacity for Mac :(

Duke Nukem 3D

Tits tits tits! - that is first that comes to the mind when remembering Duke Nukem 3D next to that attitude of BadMofo that Doom not podÃa ofrecerte. The game is available already in marketplace by the coherent amount of 800 points. To remember old woman times: D.

Card: Duke Nukem 3D

Developer: 3D Realms
Publisher: 3D Realms
Género: Accià ³ n
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: In all sides less Japà ³ n (n00bs)

GDC Canada

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is one of the events mÃs important within the industry of development of videojuegos. Each año is carried out in San Francisco and in the últimos años two events are had annexed mÃs: Austin and Paris. This time touches the turn of CanadÃ, that has an important base of developer which podrÃn to attend the GDC of Vancouver in May of following año that realizarÃwithin the framework of the Digital Vancouver Week.

With this Canadà announcementannexed an event mÃs of first categorÃa. We remember that in November of each año is realized the Montreal Game Summit which contarÃthis año with interventions of David Perry, Yoshiaki Koizumi (Legend of Zelda) and the creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow.

Teaser of the new GDC Canada already is in line.

VÃa: Gamasutra

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