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16 Sep 2008


Havok made official the launching of sixth versi├â ┬│ n of his popularmiddleware which comes with a pair from m├â ┬│ dulos new: Cloth and Destruction. First of these servir├âto equip the personages with clothes to behave like its real counterpart and tambi├â┬ęn podr├âto be used in other elements like flags, curtains and virtually in any piece of fabric that the developer has at the hand.

m├â ┬│ dulo Destruction permitir├âdeformaci├â ┬│ n of scenes and objects in such a way that too much time at the time of the development thanks to a friendly system of values is not lost. The other tr├â┬ęs m├â ┬│ dulos (Behavior, Animation and Physics) have been optimized thorough to much less occupy memory that its predecessor.

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