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Some time ago I set out the commentaries of an executive of Electronic Arts refiriéndose to the existence of a single platform to develop videojuegos. Today I am that Denis Dyack, president Knights Silicone, speaks of the subject in the context of the GDC in Lyons.
Dyack comentà ³ that “the market estÃmonopolized by [...]

The videojuegos do not only serve like recruitment tool, lately we have seen that governments of many countries use simulators to train to their bodies of security. A recent case fué Full Spectrum Warrior, which fué diseñado by Pandemic to train to the soldiers in tÃcticas battle in equipment.
Now it touches the turn of [...]

Sailing in Akihabara News I am east video and the complete report of the event that SEGA organzà ³ to show Initial D Arcade Stage 4. Acompañando to the Sprinter Thunder (of the main personage) we have to a Impreza WRX and a Mazda RX7, all mounted in platforms that move as you are handling.

ÂQué thinks? to me there would be [...]

Hype of Bioshock is past, already we can remove to one conclusià general ³ n from this game, but before that it is recommendable east video of the development process.

This presentacià ³ n fué within capÃtulo of the IGDA in Montreal the past 11 of September and we can see Chris Kline, programmer in head of Bioshock and [...]

Vestibule is quite funny añadido of The Orange Box, nevertheless the use of this concept is not novel since 3D Realms makes almost 10 años desarrollà ³ and implementà ³ the idea in the project of Prey. If, that same game that lanzà ³ for the PC and 360 Xbox año happened. [...]

Some people who we aspired to a work in the industry of the development of videojuegos we have in a pedestal the model of work of YOU GO Software. A company with touch of rockstars where their founders handle Ferraris, with a model of development of “It' s donates when its donates” and with 3 of representative the tax exemptions but [...]

Based on a commentary that Daniel Schiappa made, Director of Entertainment and Devices of Microsoft, during the conference of Virtual podrÃamos Worlds the past week to only think that Microsoft is developing a massive virtual world for Xbox 360, similar to the Home of PS3 that with another perspective. Schiappa comentà ³: “For [...]

Spicy Horse, the study of responsible Shanghai to develop to American McGee' s Grimm anuncià ³ that utilizarÃtecnologÃa of the Unreal Engine in several projects to future and that Grimm serÃthe main opener. McGee made official the purchase of tecnologÃa, which says “gives the tools them necessary to express its creativity of a way [...]

In AI Game Dev I am artÃculo very interesting of 11 ÃÂștiles advice to conquer in the Artificial intelligence of your game of strategy putting like example, the Total saga War de The Creative Assembly.
Tips goes from looking for references and inspiracià ³ n in books like the Art of war of Sun Tzu [...]

Formed by members of Illusion Softworks, Easy Company is a study developer that finishes abrir its doors in the Prague, Czech RepÃÂșblica, that is working in a new game of cars called MOTORM4X.
Financed by Capital COFFER Bohemia, the developers are creative process in the heat of than serÃ, according to its words, a game [...]

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