Harmonix demands to Activision… and soon it lies down for back

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13 Sea 2008


Harmonix, the responsible equipment to develop Guitar Hero and Rockband, demandà ³ to Activision (of less for hours) by 14,5 million of dà ³ lares in regalÃas by Guitar Hero III, nevertheless despuès anuncià ³ that the adjustment llevaÃa I finish outside the courts.

The treatment of Harmonix and Activision contemplates two types of payments: the major that is by works derived from the games of Harmonix and one minor, in that the work of the study is not used. Harmonix nevertheless argues that it must to that amount of money by comercializacià ³ to him n of Guitar Hero 3, Activision negà ³ fully when segurar that GH3 was developed “from zero” by their internal study Neversoft.

Harmonix said: “pÃgame “, Activision: “no” and peculiarly the demand not siguià ³ in pié.

Source: Variety

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