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6 Apr 2008

Meme mÃs, this time of my WeskA friend `:

1. To take to the book mÃnear s, to go to pÃgina 18 and to transcribe lÃnea 4:

“To create a perfect creature in paper or to even carve it in clay before sentarte in front of your computer…” Mayan Techniques: Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation

2. The último counts that dresses in tele.

The party of Rome versus Genoa

3. To part of the noise of the computer, Âqué mÃs is listened to at this moment?

My canaries

4. ÂCuÃndo you reÃste by última time?

Yesterday while it played

5. ÂQué has in the walls where you are right now?

A perchero with my coat, a window and a picture of Space Invaders

6. ¿Cómo estÃs vestido/a at this moment?

Jeans, playera and huaraches

7. Something that bloggers does not know on you:

I have iPod Shuffle of 512MB :P

7. ÂCÃ ³ mo are your hands?

Dirty, they smell of reliable and estÃfull n of plastilina.

8. ÂQué you see from your window?

Parvada that leaves the tree.

9. ÂQué image podrÃa definirte?

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April 7th, 2008 AT 4:13 p.m.

Hahahaha, annoys the image to me that it defines to you.

Until pr0n it has.

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