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In the ma├â┬▒ana, while le├âa my habitual dose of feeds, me encontr├â┬ę with the note in MCV which the fever of netbooks podr├âa to give another turn to the industry of the videojuegos. Thanks to the connectivity inal├âmbrica and the low cost of the equipment, these podr├âan to be profiteers to operate the market of games [...]


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18 Nov 2008

Despu├â┬ęs of several advances of Max Payne decid├â to bet a little and to give him an opportunity to him, not without first to reinstate and to play it of principle. The bad thing of this is that you nail too much in somewhat similar history and delays, or of less than not est├â┬ę so pirado of versi├â original ┬│ n.
The problem is that with [...]

Football Manager is a winning tax exemption in many aspects, has taken to Las Palmas for many a├â┬▒os to the being the simulator of ÔÇťsoccer handlingÔÇŁ m├âcomplete s that exists. Just ah├â ÔÇťtoffeesÔÇŁ has put the eye and has signed an agreement with Sports Interactive to use it like tool of scouting.
It seems that the Everton [...]


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13 Nov 2008

Amy Taylor descubri├â ┬│ that its husband enga├â┬▒aba, but not with the neighbor or the secretaryÔÇŽ fu├â┬ę with another transformation of Second Life. Taylor apunt├â ┬│ that ÔÇťsinti├â ┬│ hurt and extremely victim. Pod├âa not to think that his husband was having sex with another oneÔÇŽ in front of the monitorÔÇŁ. ÔÇťThat is to enga├â┬▒ar to where I have understoodÔÇŁ.
The pair conocià ³ in [...]

The Saline commentary of Daniel in post previous made ask to me  meWe really want to play the same tÃtulo of does one or two años but with light improvements? ÂWe do it because there are no alternatives. ÂExamples? Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Band Rock, for Need Speed and the list follows and follows.
It annoys me in [...]

There is a series of reasons by which desire to buy Mirror' s Edge before Gears of War 2. It is very simple, when you see a game you know you want that it to play by some razà ³ n and leave to a side the average of Metacritic, reseñas of all the sites (the 0,1% of the editors looks for [...]

Yesterday platicaba with a partner of ÔÇťprestigiousÔÇŁ the Reality of videojuegos that, in opini├â ┬│ n of my Wire friend, seems m├âs one versi├â ┬│ n chafa of ÔÇťDancing by a Sue├â┬▒oÔÇŁ that something serious. The peculiar thing of this is that this person assumes that est├âworking ÔÇťto createÔÇŁ an industry of development of videojuegos [...]

If they remember, año past EA anuncià ³ development of Tiberium, a FPS located in the universe of Command and Conquer which serÃa developed by EA Los Angeles, the same study that has developed to games like Medal of Honor, LOTR BFME or mÃs recently C&C 3: Kane' s Wrath.
So it seems that to compañÃa [...]

In agreement with a Japanese source of MCV, Nintendo estar├âa to show to its new DS d├âa of ma├â┬▒ana. During the ├â┬║ltimas weeks ┬│ n was being rumored about this new ÔÇťactualizaci├âÔÇŁ that includes one c├âmara and functions multimedia as reproducci├â ┬│ n of MP3 nevertheless little we know of the specifications of new port├âtil.

In the últimos años the modifications of games like Half Life, Unreal Tournament or Battlefield have taken such force that some studies - as Splash Damage- has taken the definitive step to enter the development market. CompañÃas since Epic has seen the potential of this community and offers for a long time videotutoriales to dominate his [...]

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