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Yesterday I had the fortune of being present at conference Creating Be to Pro de Sebastian Enrique, developer of FIFA, in whom there was explained the process of gestation of this form. I must confess that I am well fanboy this way of game and I did not keep the fanss comment to please his work on having initiated [...]

The opposite to the established thing, FIFA 09 will have his first "expansion" or DLC from next March 19 for PS3 and XB360. But there is no update of staff or of uniforms, it is a way of "new" game, and I it put between quotation marks because this form appeared in the UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 it does [...]

There is one earlier and one after Battlefield 1942. The game marked the lineaments to be continued for a multiplayer with vehicles and such a popularity reached that there came 3 aftermath (Vietnam, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142). The problem with the exemption is that the last throwing coincided with the disaster of the PC Gaming. The versions of [...]

As if one was treating as the Top 10 of ESPN, only that these are the 10 best moves sent by users of EA Sports World, the page of community that takes the record of all the games of sports that the company throws.
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Michael goes to the Wal-Mart to bring to him a copy of Madden 09 for his son (making use that the Super Bowl comes). On having come to his house, he prepares to open it and thinks that it is not the normal edition, but “Blank CD-R Redneck Shit Edition”.
WTF! It hears love but it is sealed with diurex: is that normal?” [...]

The comment of Daniel Salinas in the previous post made me ask me: Really do we want to play the same title of one or two years ago but with light progress? Do we do it because there are no alternatives?. Examples? Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Rock Band, Need for Speed and the list continues and continues.
It bothers me in [...]

There is a series of reasons for which I want to buy Mirror's Edge rather than Gears of War 2. It is very simple, when you see a game you know that you want to play it for some reason and leave aside the Metacritic average, the critiques of all the places (0.1 % of the editors looks for it [...]

If they remember, last year EA announced the development of Tiberium, a FPS placed in the universe of Command and Conquer which would be developed by EA Los Angeles, the same study that has developed games like Medal of Honor, LOTR BFME or more recently C&C 3: Kane's Wrath.
Such it seems that to the company [...]

The topic of the DRM in Spore has turned into a ballast for Electronic Arts, for sample it is enough the “flaw of the system” in Amazon that mysteriously removed the ranking system in a time to prevent from affecting of negative form in the decision of buy.
Today the company had to double the hands (not like [...]

The recent declarations of Peter Moore (EA) remind me to those of Phill Harrison or Ken Kutaragi in his beautiful times like masterminds of Sony. It makes not Moore great it admitted to have been the executing arm of the Dreamcast, of putting itself to you for you with Yuji Naka or of making sure that the cost hard disk was [...]

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