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Yesterday I had the fortune of being present at conference Creating Be to Pro de Sebastian Enrique, developer of FIFA, in whom there was explained the process of gestation of this form. I must confess that I am well fanboy this way of game and I did not keep the fanss comment to please his work on having initiated [...]

Game Developers Conference (GDC) is one of the most important events inside the industry of development of video games. Every year is carried out in San Francisco and in the last years two more events have been annexed: Austin and Paris. This time touches the shift of Canada, which has an important base [...]

Chris Crawford is one of the designers of games that more I respect and joust with comments like “that fuck the graphs, should create better emotions” he makes me think that the new litter of independent developers they will pay attention of these wise words at the time of generating new concepts.
In the opening of Austin's GDC, [...]

A few weeks ago I listened of the contest to Game of Talent, destined to promote the video games development in Mexico for Gabriel Grinberg and with support of the Treasury Department, Microsoft, Autodesk and the UIA (between others). The targets of the contest are:
1. To assemble in virtual forums and attend creators, developers, academicians, potential clients and [...]

Now it turns out that since the SDK announced for the iPhone all the companies to itself they are interested in developing for this platform, of less EA it proved to be already a demo of what would be Spore, making use of the "advantages" of the hardware. I read in Gamasutra that Apple has taken into account little more than 100, 000 discharges of the SDK from [...]

It is very pleasant to announce to them that next March 13 there will be carried out a videoconference of design of video games in the Technological institute and of Top Studies of Occident (ITESO) in which there will take part Yaron Jacobs, designer of Bioware who has taken part in qualifications as Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age to me. This initiative is [...]

Judging by several announcements of Tokyo Game Show, Capcom it is in the programmers' search to integrate them to his team of work in Japan. The employee will be a person in charge of working with the M Framework, which is the engine multiplatform that gives him life to games as Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising or Lost [...]

At the end of the trailer the only thing that he remains to say to me is: I already want it!. I am surprised that Konami liberates a trailer of this magnitude, speaking about Metal Gear. The exemption has always been characterized for proving to be more a history and less jugabilidad.
One notices clearly that Metal Gear Online will not be a CS in third person, even [...]

The Last Remnant is a J-RPG that will see the light in Xbox 360 and PS3, courteousness of Square Enix. Judging by the trailer, of less 10 seg of the gameplay, the battles system stops very much to the imagination.
After seeing this trailer and comparing with Lost Odissey of Mistwalker the decision, it is [...]

Sony has confirmed finally the rumors of the control with vibration and the DualShock 3 will be the name that the successor of the SixAxis will take from now on. This news was announced by Kaz Hirai, CEO of SCE, during the press conference before to the event.
Of equal way he announced a delay to himself in his new network [...]

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