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Metro.Siberia is to sidescroller quite interesting, developed in Flash by Tommy Salomonsson. The objective of the game is to sail by the underground system in Siberia without hitting the elements, for this podrÃs to control the height of your ship with the espaciadora bar. Account with 3 different routes, one for each difficulty (fÃcil, average and difÃcil) [...]

The series of games the Land is work of the surrealistic mind of TheAnemic. In each of them there is an element that it urges to you to arrive in the end and although many purists assure that they are not “games” since they do not count on an objective in especÃfico (perhaps traditional) I [...]

N+ is mÃrecent s adicià ³ n to catÃlogo of Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless the game already takes a good short while circulating of gratuitous way around the network (originally done in Flash). In order to celebrate the launching, the equipment developer optà ³ to arm to a celebration and aquà we have a video, in cuÃl is spoken of [...]

A fragment a little while does leÃa of a talk that dià ³ CliffyB in SAYS the last week, which I mention to continuacià ³ n:

“Fodder that people preferirÃa to make a game that sell 4,5 million copies instead of millà ³ n and “Gears” are in 4,5 million in the 360 (Xbox). I believe that [...]

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