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10 Jun 2008

We begin by the question Âqué is diseño of games. As simple as this: it is the process that involves creacià ³ n of the content and rules of the game. By content I do not talk about in especÃfico to an area but a WHOLE. In this process, the diseñador (mastermind, game-god, etc) lands in a document which [...]

During años we have looked for alternative to represent content in 3D in Flash, from simulations with coordinates (isométricos) to generating the own animations in Maya or Cinema 4D (or software that uses). The problem is that, which we want is 3D completely interactive and not simple movieclip.
Después de Papervision 3D [...]

In this blog the same we spoke of videojuegos that of diseño and art reason why I am pleased in informing to them that my premium (if, the one that many request that it presents/displays to them) already estÃselling its monitos in the store kitsch of the Sensational one (in Guadalajara).
Después of a quite good sale “ondergraun” in [...]

The industry of the videojuegos is extraña in these dÃas; visià ³ n of the development model has been opacada by the model of distribucià ³ n and now the times adapt according to the interests (and Ãnimo) of publishers. As consuming we are jodidos, submitted to “which sells” and not to “which amuses”.

Anathema is pequeño short realized with engine of Call of Duty 4 (técnica well-known like Machinima) that lines on perfeccià ³ n. It is only enough to see the handling of cÃmaras and the dramatic quality that is generated the video throughout. The author is SgtPadrino and is, without a doubt, one of best the short ones in [...]

Bethesda Softworks finishes updating seccià ³ n of conceptual art of Fallout 3. I believe that I am one of the ten that estÃn moved because it leaves east game. Bethesda is sinà ³ nimo of quality asà like Fallout of art object.
In the official site también is an entrance of the Newspaper of Developer, this time at hands [...]

If it does not reach after a Epiphone or of plane nor after the Xplorer de Guitar Hero aquà estÃsolucià ³ n. The image is part of one campaña for new estacià ³ n of radio in Glasgow developed by agency The Bridge.
VÃa: Design Corner

Not you, but the última time that pasé by this place I decide that và to me to dogs to eat the body of a soldier and had to give them with sniper.
The image corresponds to one campaña of the Red Cross of año happened commemorating the tragedy of Chernobyl in which [...] is requested

The power of Sandbox 2,0, the publisher of Crysis that surely vendrÃincluding when we buy the game. The video is one demostracià ³ n that became during the Game Developers Conference 2007 and is worth the pain very enormously to see it complete, is impressive.
The second part is giving to click - > here

A friend makes a pair of weeks I GAVE (Industrial Diseñador) invità me ³ to collaborate in the development of an armor of real Chief Masters to tamaño (at the moment in pre-production), taking advantage of the fever that vendrÃa with the launching of I haul 3.
This subject is not new since they come realizing armors with cartà ³ n or even [...]

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