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During a├â┬▒os we have looked for alternative to represent content in 3D in Flash, from simulations with coordinates (isom├â┬ętricos) to generating the own animations in Maya or Cinema 4D (or software that uses). The problem is that, which we want is 3D completely interactive and not simple movieclip.
Despu├â┬ęs de Papervision 3D [...]

The industry of the videojuegos is extra├â┬▒a in these d├âas; visi├â ┬│ n of the development model has been opacada by the model of distribuci├â ┬│ n and now the times adapt according to the interests (and ├ânimo) of publishers. As consuming we are jodidos, submitted to ÔÇťwhich sellsÔÇŁ and not to ÔÇťwhich amusesÔÇŁ.

In alg├â┬║n Valve moment sugiri├â ┬│ to Microsoft inclusi├â ┬│ n of Vestibule for the Xbox Live Arcade, nevertheless fu├â┬ę rejected not to fulfill requirements like tama├â┬▒o m├âximo of the game. Doug Lombardi, director of marketing research of Valve, neg├â ┬│ that in the future podr├âa not to have another approach reason why ser├âa possible to see [...]

If Stalin lived safe estar├âa gliding like defending itself of the invaders of the space, right like Reagan when sugiri├â ┬│ initiative SDI by all├âin 1983 (despu├â┬ęs to see Star Wars). Although Stalin does not live, [...] is possible to carry out a battle directing to the mother country in its battle against the Martians

The ├â┬║ltimo month has been very intense due to the amount of work that I have had, raz├â ┬│ n by which east site has not been updated regularly. From March comenc├â┬ę like QA Engineer in the game of Kicks soccer Online, a quite funny work and where I have known very interesting people who move [...]

The videojuegos do not only serve like recruitment tool, lately we have seen that governments of many countries use simulators to train to their bodies of security. A recent case fu├â┬ę Full Spectrum Warrior, which fu├â┬ę dise├â┬▒ado by Pandemic to train to the soldiers in t├âcticas battle in equipment.
Now it touches the turn of [...]

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