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17 Sep 2008


During Austin GDC mà is made every timestrong s the rumor that Google estarÃa to buy at any time to Valve. Google has denied to make any commentary on the matter perhaps reason why the rumor is made a reality in prà ³ ximas hours. We know that Valve has one of the models of distribucià ³ n of games mÃstable s reason why serÃa a good beginning for Google in the market of the entertainment - combined to its own versià ³ n of Sencod Life baptized like Lively-.

In agreement with The Inquirer, in case of taking shape the purchase the things do not cambiarÃan radically, nevertheless for Microsoft perhaps sÃ, since the news is not anything to him pleasant. Valve is arranged to listen to supplies reason why Google estarÃa make specific its entrance like publisher of videojuegos.


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