Activision wants a game of Bond by año

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16 Sep 2008

James Bond

Activision Blizzard, dueña of the rights to produce games of James Bond until the 2014 him ocurrià ³ “shining” the idea to give to us each año a game of Bond. And I say of way sarcà to itstica because this leaves to a side innovacià ³ n and its place occupies the maquila.

This news is not surprise, the rights do not have to be cheap and Activision wishes to remove to all the silver possible each año, aún when they are not released pelÃculas, total is a great past tape base that can be exploded. mÃprobable s is that we see año with año expansions the double than they deberÃan to cost with the excuse of “is the new history”.

Activision Blizzard podrÃa to choose to count two equipment of development, since it did with Call of Duty 3 and 4, or of plane to maintain the license of tecnologÃa of CoD4 by the following two tÃtulos and to focus to improve some aspects of the jugabilidad. To end of accounts año not always is sufficient to develop a successful game AAA.

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