Videos of `Making of' of Spiderman 3

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29 May 2007


If està ƒ Âs interested in seeing what ƒ  is detrÃs of the special effects of Spiderman 3, pà ƒ Âgina French of Creation Pixel has eight videos of modeled and post-produccià ƒ  ³ n deImage Works, the study in charge of the special effects of à ƒ ºltima tape of Spiderman. If you do not have problems with francà ƒ then ©s podrà ƒ Âs to read tambià ƒ ©n the interview that did to him to Scott Stokdy, Supervisor of Visual Effects of compaà ƒ ±à ƒ Âa acompaà ƒ ±ado of a sequence of images of Sandman.

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