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30 May 2007


For already a long time while encontrà sailed by Cg Chanel me ƒ © one imà ƒ Âgene of Max Kor, an artist of Israel that works with Mayan and Mental Ray, imà ƒ Âgene enjoyed a realism at levels ridà ƒ Âculos and memory that my Vidnez friend made the commentary to me of: “à ‚ ÂYou imagine that asà ƒ  was seen in videojuego”. Despuà ƒ ©s to see imà ƒ Âgenes of Sam Fisher beginning to think that probably in prà ƒ  ³ xima generacià ƒ  ³ n we will be able to enjoy a level detail similar to the work of Max Kor.

In this tutorial we will be able to see detail the process of creacià ƒ  ³ n of the Night Elf

Profile of Max Kor in Cg Society

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