Two new series of Star Wars (one of them official)

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30 May 2007

I am fan of Star Wars, I am friki, and there is no another thing that me cague but that Is Only or Unit of capacitance Unit of capacitance Binks. Taking advantage of the 30 Lucasfilm anniversary ƒ  has shown a video than serÃthe animated series Clone Wars that estranarà ƒ Âaà ƒ ±o that comes (although it goes to us). History is placed between episode II and III, the personages està ƒ Ân based on the same diseà ƒ ±o of the series animated in 2D that salià ƒ  ³ does algà ƒ ºn time in Cartoon Network

SW: Such of the New Republic

On the other hand, I am that tambià ƒ ©n is another titled video Such of the New Republic that does not have anything to do with Lucasfilm, is product of the extensive universe of fanfilms that has the tax exemption. animacià ƒ  ³ n is surprising when mixing 3D with a rendereo celshaded and I hope that “Coming Soon” one does not become an eternity.

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