MOS Eisley Wiseguys

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31 May 2007

MOS Eisley Wiseguys

Sam Fout, creator of the Neptoon project has realized a special form edition for Lucasfilm (by means of Acme Archives) that commemorates the 30 a├â ┬â ├é┬▒os of the tax exemption and that takes by name ÔÇťMOS Eisley Wiseguys ÔÇť. The form is one reinterpretaci├â ┬â ├é ┬│ n of the famous scene of the bar that appears in Episode IV: To New Hope.

MOS Eisley Wiseguys measures 33cm x 48cm and està ƒ Âlimited 350 pieces. Its cost is of $95 USD and $225USD already mounted in frame. It is possible to be acquired directly from the store of Acme Direct and count on envà ƒ international Âo

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