E440, a squirrel enough fashion

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31 May 2007


E440 is a RING project and arises from interà ƒ ©s to be created its own personage in 3D. The name comes from two sources: the “e” is of Eekhoorn (traduccià ƒ  ³ n of squirrel in holandà ƒ ©s) and the 440 come from the extermination of 440 squirrels in the airport of Schiphol on the part of KLM.

If you wish diseà ƒ ±ar your own versià ƒ  ³ n of e440, you can send a mail to him to alle440@hotmail.com pidià ƒ ©ndole template (a pdf of 2.9MB) that consists of 4 leaves tamaà ƒ ±o A4 (21cm à ƒ ⠀ ” 29.7cm). Between its plans està ƒ Âto mount one exposicià ƒ  ³ n of e440 by several places in Holland

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