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31 May 2007

Book by its Cover

I admit that I am one of those people who guà ƒ Âan by the cover to approach the shelf of librerà ƒ rare Âas reason why is the time that I acquire Abundant spring books or the FCE. Then, Book By Its Cover is blog of Julia Rothman, one recognized illustrator and diseà ƒ ±adora of Brooklyn, which condenses the books that have collected throughout their life. They are divided in several categorà ƒ Âas like Art, Diseà ƒ ±o, Comics or Hechos by hand and each account with extensive descripcià ƒ  ³ n of each product.

A rich excellent book compendium with fotografà ƒ Âas to enjoy itself in time. It is excellent reference material for which they are inicià ƒ Ândose in diseà ƒ publishing ±o.

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