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4 Jun 2007

How magazineIn the How magazine I am an excellent article referring to if we counted on the requirements necessary to work of independent way from the comfort of the home, the terrace of the Smart, Starbucks, etc. To work of independent way is sueño of many, nevertheless sometimes we fall in the error to only think about the time that we will save avoiding trÃfico surrounds or it that we can be of our family.

Everything is not honey on hojuelas since tambi├â┬ęn causes its cons; you must very of being organized, cautious with your budget (that implies to take care of until I complete cent) and to allow your clients. Not est├âof m├â ┬â ├és to mention that your work must of being of quality and you must give it in time, if you omit those then points your potential clients emigrar├ân.

HOW determines seven key points:

To have experience: You need to have sufficient experience in all the work that requires the project (of principle to aim) including each phase of produccià ³ n. When you work by your account, you do not have possibility of making questions to your colleagues.

To be good administrator. Here it implies to take all the red tape, the accounting and a registry of all the income and debits. Equally you handle to the part of budget and payments of your clients here.

To be good mercad├â ┬│ logo. ├â ┬ë sto because tendr├âs that to know how c├â ┬│ mo to sell your work, to sell your concept and to communicate your vision to those for which trabajar├âs. Aqu├â├é we do hincapi├â┬ę to an excellent oral and written ability.

To be disciplined. A nascent one that sufficiently is disciplined to finish the work of principle to aim, not tendrÃningún problem to work by its account. It remembers that not estarÃnobody that helps to solve the problems you if the goats go away to you not to administer well your time. You need to establish of conscious way the times and to fulfill the dates of delivery. It remembers that if you are precise (in all the aspects) you assure future opportunities of work.

To be organized. You sufficiently need to be good like organizing your time and surroundings of work. If you are on that it depends on an assistant to take the then agenda you need to learn to take it you yourself if you want to work from your house. Here it implies to establish priorities in the projects that estÃs realizing while you take of way ordinate the administrative question. You need to establish a work area and a system that allows to take a control you of the projects, as well as the correspondence and the red tape that it involves.

To be healthful. To count on good health, emotional stability and strength to have ready the work is important to be independent (even at the moments that you feel fatal). Contario to be employee, where if you become ill to you you can justify it, to be ill while you work of independent way implies that you lose time and money. Aún if you always work by contract from your house estarÃforced s to fulfill in times does not concern cà ³ mo you feel. It eats either, to duer or and tà to me ³ mate a time for despejarte. You do not leave your level of stress one goes off to remain seated hours without arriving at one solucià ³ n, improvises.

To be glad. Al├â┬ęgrate, enjoys, remembers that you do not need status but a real vision the world. You must remember this to make money doing what m├âs you like and not to want to be the envy of your friendly.

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Maria cross

October 8th, 2008 AT 11:47 a.m.

hola.me gustaria would send all the informacion.gracias to me

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