México, regional leader in videojuegos.

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7 Jun 2007


In Box X I am with the news that we are the regional leader in videojuegos of Latin América. Según David Cervantes, Regional Director for Latinoamérica of divisià ³ n of Devices and Entertainment of Microsoft, México estÃpositioned in the fourth world-wide position in purchases of the Xbox console, with mÃs of three million units, those that hope to duplicate soon.

I agree with V3N0M in its commentary referring to a better Marketplace, with special promotions. At the moment our Marketplace is not profiteer, not even to announce the new features in We give or Videos that arise daily. Irà ³ nicamente Japà ³ n, one of the sites where less the console is sold, has diseño of enviable Marketplace.

[VÃÂa Box X]

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