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7 Jun 2007

Average Ecology MexicoFrom the 6 and to the 10 of June estarà ƒ Ârealizing eighth convencià ƒ  annual ³ n of the Ecology Average in the ITESM campus Been of México.

“The Average Ecology Association (MEA) is one organizacià ³ n for charity dedicated to promote the study, investigacià ³ n, the crÃÂtica, and the use of ecologÃÂa of means, in diverse contexts like educative, industrial, polÃÂtico, cÃÂvico, social, the cultural one, and artÃÂstico. AdemÃs promotes the abierto interchange of ideas, informacià ³ n and investigacià ³ n between the members of asociacià ³ n and of all the interested community.

Between the rapporteurs are the Erics McLuhan (son of Marshal McLuhan), Katherine Hayles (hablÃndonos of by qué bringing as much gadget above turns to us little by little into robots), Joan Mayans (antropà ³ social logo of Internet) and by México estarÃn Raúl Trejo Delarbre (UNAM) and Jose Octavio Islas (ITESM) hablÃndonos of means, polÃÂtica and society of informacià ³ n in ours paÃÂs.

If they cannot attend ³ n is possible to see live transmisià from the official site.

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