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11 Jun 2007

From first versià ³ n of Forza Motorsport the developers gave the opportunity us to personalize our cars with a system that went allà much morethan sagas as for Need Speed or Gran Tourism ofrecÃan. In the first Forza tenÃamos a good amount of layers to apply viniles with forms bÃsicas, some sources and the elements bà ƒ Âsicos of any “tuneado” car (tribals, stripes, etc).

I must admit that he was tedious and you finished hartÃndote because the controls were not very intuitive that we say. In Forza Motorsport 2 one becomes to bet by a system of personalizacià ³ n. The control has improved and it is allowed to do Copy-grazes of a simple way (an extra click to stick) y S.A. ±adieron 10 times but layers by side of your car, asà ƒ  like the possibility of being able to send your imÃgenes vÃa Web and to unload them to your PC or mà ƒ vile  ³.

Not yet it understands by qué likes people to free make publicity of a while viniles generates his. AquàI leave diseño of protest that I did dÃa of yesterday, if they wish to announce in my car only leave a commentary ;)


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June 13th, 2007 AT 3:02 a.m.


Of eggs protest k.

And it is certain, pure cars with publicity.

In the short while that she has Forza 2 I presume my to you diseà ƒ ±os with publicidà ƒ Â


Modified cars of Forza Motorsport 2

June 13th, 2007 AT 3:06 a.m.

[...] à ƒ east ºltimo car with diseà ƒ special ±o created by my GameDevelopmentMagazine.com friend, has done who it like protest against those who generates gratuitous publicity in his vehà ƒ Âculos [...]



January 25th, 2009 AT 11:18 p.m.

Hello that so, it seems to me very well what you comment, of the gratuitous publicity, the truth is that it does not have like diseño customized, without promoting to which to your creativity. It would want to know if you can orient to me, since I have seen in the auctions, diseños that cannot do with the vinyls and reasons that the game has, apparently, are with external images (for example logo of games or personages animates). The case is that I wanted to put my to him diseño to my cars, but not like doing it, podrias to help me? As I must make the image or in which, and what is the form to pass it to xbox? I already have my PC cnectada to the x, but not like using imgenes. My diseños are like the cars of furious express and.
I hope you can help me

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