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27 Jun 2007

By means of Isopixel I find out to me that Bachan, talented monero Mexican, is fighting against the leukemia.

I allow myself to mention Vuarnet:

Luckyly early deteccià ³ n of the disease allows that the scene is not so dark, nevertheless the treatment is long and expensive.

Looking for alternative so that Bachan and his wife can confront the m├â┬ędicos expenses and leave ahead, several of their friendly have taken the initiative to organize different ways to collect bottoms, a way to collaborate is buying the sheet that realizar├ân the Mexican artists who have been united to the cause.

In our case we asked its support to them you, our readers and friendly, so that to trav├â┬ęs of Paypal, donate any amount that wish. All the bottoms arrive directly at the account of Bachan in PayPal. (M├âs informaci├â ┬│ n and bot├â ┬│ n of Paypal to donate, finds ac├â).

Me one to the cause and I ask to him of favor to dem├âs band that today reads this post that does therefore it, byÔÇŽ the ma├â┬▒ana one by all we.

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June 27th, 2007 AT 1:54 p.m.

Winds! :D

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