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18 Aug 2007

An event that happens each año in the industry of the videojuegos is the exit of the game of Madden for all the platforms and with éste, one of the surprising unfoldings in publicity but. All want to be in the celebration: MGP-stars, sportsmen, strained pseudofamous and demÃs personages who assure to be fanÃticos of the game of all the life degrading little that is of the concept of gamer.

But Âby qué Madden it does not have good scores? for años it comes being a game from regulating to good and it does not rise of the 8,5 in many sites of Internet. The problem of Madden is that they have as much worried to want to reach nirvana of simulacià ³ n that forgot the funny thing that it is a game of American soccer. In each launching we see a series of videos of by qué new versià ³ n is your sueño fact reality and you must have it; the reality is that the game finishes being tedious, impossible for which not this familiarized with the boring sport and when finishing the season.

The commentaries of each video are comparative of “año happened we did that one but this año we made ésto and for that reason ehem…  is the best game of all (there are but titles with license). This denotes that EA Sports offers versions to us parchadas of the same engine, with two or three new options that never get to appear (like the way to superstar) and rosters updated.

Some reseñas condemn the complexity whereas others make comparative with real situations, the certain thing is that both situations give an immense egg and the only thing that we demanded it is to be able to play with our favorite equipment and to amuse to us while we tried to gain the Super Bowl. John Riccitiello made éstas observations before leaving compañÃa.

ÂIt is very difficult to diseñar an funny game? I believe that half less than than they destine to publicity podrÃan to contract which takes the reins from this tax exemption.

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August 19th, 2007 AT 2:34 p.m.

Very good artÃculo, you have all the razà ³ n.

Thanks to let to me put it in CajaEquis, ojalÃyou cheer up to do mÃs of this type.

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